Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 (w/ GliGli upgrade on request)

Advanced version of powerful polyphonic classic

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We currently have two beautiful Prophet 600 and are ready to restore them on request. They can either remain stock version or have Gli Gli upgrade fitted.

When equipped with the Gli Gli upgrade, and already capable polyphonic instrument that the Prophet 600 is turns into a beast with excellent specification.

Among large number of interesting new features, most notable are:

– Improved resolution (=less audible stepping) of parametres
– New envelope modes
– Additional LFO with various waveforms
– Unison detune
– Mixer overdrive
– MIDI (over CC) control of all parametres
– Improved tuning procedure
– Improved apreggiator

As you can see, with the above, new functions the Prophet 600 is basically reborn.


The P600 is an awesome sounding synth, there is no doubt about that, be it in polyphonic mode or unison. The only thing it’s not the best at is pretending to be a Prophet 5. In other words, do not expect it to be a cheap alternative to the P5. It’s simply a different (and great!) polyphonic synthesizer.


1722 EUR (1400 EUR plus 23% VAT) for standard version, 1845 (1500 EUR plus 23% VAT) for Gli Gli.

Please click on the “Contact” tab in the top right corner of the page if you are not sure whether VAT applies to you.


Q: Will the Prophet 600 give me a taste of Prophet 5? For instance, they use the same CEM 3340 oscillator IC.

A: We believe this does more harn than good to compare instrument according to specifications only. There is much more to a synthesizer than oscillator (or even oscillators and filters). The P600 of course shares some characteristics and architecture of the Prophet 5 but in our opinion they sound differently enough to say that the P600 is not P5’s little brother.

Q: Can I return to original version or it’s ‘Gli Gli’ forever?

A: Yes, it’s a fully reversible modification. You (or your tech) takes the new CPU out and installs the original CPU that will be provided (unless stated otherwise).