For sale is my beloved Oberheim Xpander with Xk keyboard. It’s really sad to let it go but I once said that if one does not use any given instrument for a year, it should be set free and find a new home. Since I have not recorded with it for at least 1,5 years, it has to find a new home.

The Xpander might have an emotional added value for the new owner as I got it from John McEntire of the band Tortoise about 14 years ago. The Xk was bought at a later date. The Xpander is in terrific condition and has never let me down once. The Xk is an extremely powerful controller keyboard and, unless you really need 12 voices, I found the the Xpander/Xk combo far more versatile than the Matrix 12.

Both instruments will receive an additional overhaul before shipping. The encoders in the Xpander work perfect but I will include a set of 6 NOS replacement encoders.

The final price is firm at 4000 EUR and I am not looking at trades at this time.