Did you know that Roland SH-3A came with sampler as a standard option already in the early 1970s? We mean it, just take a look at the panel! Ok, but seriously, ‘sampler’ is S7H in Eraly Roland lingo. But this curiosity only shows how well equipped this instrument is. Two LFOs, mixable oscillator footages and two noise colours make it a very versatile tool. Also, there is definitely something exciting about the so called ‘early Roland’ sound. Please do not believe those who claim it’s just hype.

We are adding interfacing to the 3As, so you are getting CV/Gate and CV Filter (cutoff) control as standard.



1045 EUR (850 EUR plus 23% VAT).

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Q: How does the 3A compare with other ‘small’ early Rolands, namely SH-1, SH-2 and SH-09?

A: They all definitely share the creamy, early Roland sound. SH-2 has two oscillators so it’s a different story. I would say that it’s a direct competition between the SH-1 and SH-3A. The former has a bit more sound shaping possibilities, while the 3A, due to indivudual mixer for oscillator footages, can have a somewhat richer basic tone. But they are from similar era, it has to be noted.