The CS-30, without any doubt, is of one the most exciting monosynths that have ever been produced. Why? Imagine an instrument with three envelopes, two 3-mode filters, two oscillators, a voltage controlled LFO and a sequencer that can play anything from 1-8 steps. Please believe us that sequences in 7 are excellent fun!

The dark side ot “the 30” is that it’s initially quite difficult to use. But after a few days of head scratching the owner will surely find himself in analogue heaven.

The CS-30 offered here is now receiving an in-depth overhaul which is a very painstaking process with so many pots, sliders and switches. It is also being calibrated to factory specification. Also, sequencer tempo modification (external sound can trigger sequencer) and input for external CV to control filter cutoff will be present.

It is in terrific condition and will be provided wit original manual and unsent warranty cards!


2091 EUR (1700  EUR plus 23% VAT).

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Q: What are the CS-30’s strengths? Won’t it be to difficult for me?

A: Let’s start with strengths. I’d say that what make the 30 unique and (specification-wise) better than other, advanced monosynths are two filters and sequencer.

It is hard to program? It may be difficult in the beginning, that’s true. But there is also one synthesizer that’s initially very difficult to fully understand and noone seems to be too worried about it. It’s the ARP Odyssey. You simply have to spend some time with the manual to grasp the most confusing bits.