Roland SH-101 in red

A fiery version of 101.

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This SH-101 has just been thoroughly serviced and is ready to serve you with its earth shattering basses and crazy bleeps for years to come.

Really great condition. Just fitted with new set of factory new sliders.

Red and blue 101s have increased in price significantly recently but we still manage to keep the price on sensible level. especially in such great condition.



2091 EUR (1700 EUR plus 23% VAT).

Please click on the “Contact” tab in the top right corner of the page if you are not sure whether VAT applies to you.



Q: I need a machine for techno. It is often said that the 101 is one of the best analogue synths for this application. Is this true or only hype?

A: While of course there is no “best” synth for any application, I tend to agree that 101 is perfect for techno (and other, sequence-based types of music). Why? For a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the sound. The 101 simply sounds downright wonderful. It’s deep, it’s punchy. It’s simply perfect at what it does. Then it’s the ease of use. It’s simply very, very immediate. You plug, you play. Thirdly, it has an arpeggiator and sequencer, so various sounds are simply flowing out of this “toy piano”. With the Tubbutec upgrade, it’s taken several steps forward and becomes the ultimate sequencing tool.


Q: I know that there are various versions of the 101: blue, red and grey. Is any of these better?

A: Absolutely not. The blue and red versions are less common and hence can reach much higher prices. Apart from collectability, there is no difference.


Q: I have noticed there was a guitar-like grip for the SH-101. Shoudl I get it?

A: There was also an original leather strap. Unless you plan to play the SH-101 like a guitar, you definitely do not need one. It will not give you additional functionality – the bender in the 101 has all the functions.


Q: Will the Tubbutec upgrade change anything in the “old 101”? Will I lose something?

A: Absolutely not. The Tubbutec upgrade was developed specifically with the thought of not taking anything away in mind. You get a spectacular number of extras but nothing is lost. From technical standpotin, the “1oh1” is a new processor that sits in the place of and old one and a few cables. It’s the brilliant program Tobias from Tubbutec wrote that does the magic.