Roland System 100m – the ‘polyphonic’ set

Interesting setup of Roland’s compact modular.

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System 100m rack in wonderful condition. We call it “polyphonic” because it features four oscillators, though two VCFs, VCAs and ADSRs don’t make it properly polyphopnic.

We have performed thorough refurbishment and calibration as per service manual (always a time consuming task with early Rolands). Brand new 230V PSU fitted.

A refurbished, 230V converted 184 polyphonic keyboard is available, too.

We also have a regular, 181 keyboard available.  We will consider selling the cabinet without keyboard, too.


4920 EUR (4000 EUR plus 23% VAT) for the cabinet and 1476 (1200 EUR plus 23% VAT).

Please click on the “Contact” tab in the top right corner of the page if you are not sure whether VAT applies to you.