Moog Minimoog from 1973

An ueberclassic, serial 3099.

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We have just completed restoration of a true classic.

Woodwork was beautifully redone, keyboard rebushed, entire synth recapped plus overall cleaning and pot regeneration was performed. We also installed a factory “pitch bender zero” mod that keeps overall tune stable when pitchbender is returned to zero. Slight changes in tuning while using the pitch bender were a nightmare in some earlier Minimoogs.

Also, and we believe there is no matching offer anywhere on the planet, period, we will replace all 23 pots with brand new ones. They are extremely hard to get and full set costs about 1000 EUR! That’s a thousand for pots alone.

Not too many of these are left, especially at a reasonable price we will charge – 8950 is a lot of money but people oftent ask more for Minis that just can’t be compared with ours.


8950 EUR (at 0% VAT) – please email

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