Roland System 100m – 112 twin oscillator modules.

We are selling individual modules and rack!

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We have decided to sell the 191J rack and all of the 112 oscillatort modules separately. All of them have been recapped, serviced inside out and tuned. Prices are way below what you’d expect at Reverb, for instance:

191J rack 230V version -NOW SOLD
112 dual oscillator – 800 EUR per module. Each will come with power cable.

PLEASE NOTE that we have had a very hard time tuning one of the 112s and remove mysterious jitter and finally gave up. All of the parts are fine including uA726. So a deal is offered at 450 EUR. Find what we could not and get one half price.

Prices at 0% VAT but this time we will agree to Paypal if you cover 4% or our conversion loss.


Please click on the “Contact” tab in the top right corner of the page if you are not sure whether VAT applies to you.