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We are Poland’s only and one of Central Europe’s longest running retail and repair centre for analogue synthesizers, analogue effects and electric pianos.

Please feel encouraged to make yourself acquainted with our offer and ask whatever questions you might have – we will gladly share our knowledge, advise (in favour or against!) on your selection or just talk – and there is a lot to talk about in this fascinating field.

Let us finish with a word of warning: nearly two decades of our experience clearly prove that the world of analogue synthesizers is highly addictive. You are entering it at your own risk.

If you are completely new to the analogue synthesizer domain or entered our website by chance but, surprisingly, wish to stay and learn a bit about what we do, please cast an eye on “A word on vintage synthesizers” caption found at the bottom of “Our history” subpage.



Works on a Stage 73 are well underway. Reservatios are welcome. Then, another Mk1 and a Mk2 are coming!
Another beautiful 201 is is almost ready - reservations are welcome.
Getting a good "60" is growing harder and harder but at least one is coming in December, reservations are welcome.
Yes, that's is correct. As of today, we have two Jupiter 6s available!
One of the most desirable string machines will be available in later December.