Instruments for sale

Our latest update on what we are up to this month.

The last of the great Rhodes pianos.

One of the most unique polysynths, totally restored.

An 8 voice Obie, huge in every respect

This instrument looks like it just left factory!

Updated version of classic Space Echo.

Perhaps the most popular polysynth ever produced.

Rare version of perhaps the most popular polysynth ever produced.

True classic in unbelievable condition, easily the best anywhere in the world.

The mighty, early Roland monosynth

Friend’s studio is downsizing and a few interesting pieces are coming!

THE techno machine. A classic.

Classic digital workhorse.

One of the machines that spawned techno.

We are selling individual modules and rack!

An extremely powerful, early monosynth from Roland.

Lush and beautiful sounding classic.

Unusual looks and early Roland sound

One of the rarest Roland (and most powerful) Roland boxes.

Rare digital delay with Space Echo reverb

Number one among tape delays.

One of the most unusual and desired monophonic synths.