Instruments for sale

Unusual looks and early Roland sound

We have just begun restoration of two absolute classics.

Perfect improvement of Polysix functionality

A seriously powerful polysynth. – ON HOLD

A very well endowed monosynth.

Classic setup of Roland’s compact modular.

A very rare and very exciting drum machine.

One of the better known vocoders.

Still sought after, one of the real classics.

An extremely powerful, early monosynth from Roland

One of the most unusual and desired monophonic synts

Rare version of perhaps the most popular polysynth ever produced

The true “Super Quartet” indeed.

Budget version of RE-201 – AVAILABLE SOON

Updated version of classic Space Echo – AVAILABLE SOON

The other most famous Soviet synthesizer

Perhaps the most popular polysynth ever produced

One of the machines that spawned techno

A true star from behind the Iron Curtain