Instruments for sale

Latest update on our plans for this month.

Budget version of RE-201

A seriously powerful and still underrated polysynth.

Yes. Unbelievable. With warranty card.

Interesting setup of Roland’s compact modular.

One of the rarest and cutest Rhodes pianos.

Choose your preferred 101!

Guitar synthesizer. Like new, in box.

The last of the great Rhodes pianos.

Modular effect pedals, we kid you not!

One of the most unusual and desired monophonic synths.

A very serious contender in the duophonic world.

One of the most sought after classics at a great price!

Lush and beautiful sounding classic.

One of the machines that spawned techno.

A very serious contender for the classic RE-201

One of the greatest modulars of all time.

Essential extension for the 101M set.

An extremely powerful, early monosynth from Roland.

Very rare (and inspiring) effects board.

Opportunity like this does not happen too often.

Perhaps the most popular polysynth ever produced.

Next from the new batch of Polysixes with perfect value for money.

Number one among tape delays.