Instruments for sale

Latest update on our plans for this month.

One of the better known vocoders.

A seriously powerful and still underrated polysynth.

One of the mightiest monosynths ever produced.

Most sought after member of Korg MS family.

An 8 voice Obie, huge in every respect

One of the most curious and great sounding instruments from Korg.

One of the most coveted Oberheims.

Inconspicuous and yet powerful instrument.

Very sought after and unique sounding synth.

An extremely powerful, early monosynth from Roland.

An ueberclassic, serial 5619.

Various bits and pieces at friendly prices!

Next from the new batch of Polysixes with perfect value for money.

Special Restoration Operation just started

One of the most unusual and desired monophonic synths.

One of the most sought after classics at a great price!

Lush and beautiful sounding classic.

Classic digital workhorse

Number one among tape delays.

Perhaps the most popular polysynth ever produced.

One of the machines that spawned techno.