Instruments for sale

Many tasty pieces just landed at

A very serious contender for the classic RE-201

Roland’s compact modular with polyphonic keyboard.

The most beautiful polysynth of all times.

A worthy rival for Roland Junos, an amazing instrument!

Most likely the mightiest vintage polyphonic synth.

A true star from behind the Iron Curtain

The most powerful Roland in rack format ever created.

A seriously powerful and still underrated polysynth.

Unusual and inspiring electric piano

One of the machines that spawned techno.

Number one among tape delays. – ONE IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE.

Perhaps the most popular polysynth ever produced – ONE 106 IS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE.

One of the most desirable string machines ever created. – ON HOLD

Rare version of perhaps the most popular polysynth ever produced

One of the most unusual and desired monophonic synths.

Still sought after, one of the real classics.

The true “Super Quartet” indeed.