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Workshop (please send your parcels here) – Maciej Polak
Piekarnicza 26/1/10
80-126 Gdansk

Office (mail only, NO PARCELS please) – Maciej Polak
Ul. Krola Jana Kazimierza 9/4
81-743 Sopot

Terms of business:

1. VAT

VAT is a tax and a tricky one, too. We have to charge it and then give it back to the government. The government likes VAT very much and it’s a criminal offence not to give that money back to them the following month. Do you have to pay VAT? If you are a private person (i.e. not a company) in the European Union, you do. We have to charge 23% of Polish VAT on top of the price of an instrument. If you run a company and have the EU VAT number, we can apply 0% rate.

In other words, if you are in the EU and know the “EU VAT number” term, most likely you do NOT have to pay VAT (or pay 0% VAT to make things more complicated). If you hear that for the first time, most likely you DO have to pay VAT.

If you are outside of European Union (which means other continents but also Switzerland, Russia, Norway and others), you do NOT have to pay VAT but we have to use a customs agency to offically apply 0% VAT rate. Agency charges us (and we charge you) 30 EUR.

2. Payment

Instruments will be shipped only after the payment has been received, either on one of our accounts, or in cash. We do accept cheques, but these will have to clear before shipment. On certain ocasions, we might arrange personal delivery of the instrument. We wish to stress that it is always possible to test gear in person before buying.

There are no exemptions from the rule – payment has to be made in advance. We do not ship COD (cash on delivery).

Please make yourself acquainted with our references. We have satisfied customers in nearly all of the European countries, in the USA and Japan.

We are sorry but we do not offer PayPal payments. The rates they charge for transfers are absolutely ridiculous when compared with wire transfers plus they do not allow us to withdraw foreign currency (i.e. the money you send) and force us to use their absolutely extortionate exchange rates. In other words, being robbed twice it two times too many.

3. Shipping

For parcels up to 20 kg (international limit for postal parcels) we use either tracked EMS courier (for parcels leaving European Union) or tracked UPS courier within the EU. Both have proven to be very fast and very reliable in a few hundreds of parcels we have sent this way. There is no 20 kg limit on European UPS service and their rates are very sensible.

It is perfectly possible to send larger, oversized instruments (like Rhodes, Yamaha YC-45D) by air cargo to an airport near you. We do offer this service worldwide. The only condition is that you should be able to pick the instrument from the cargo terminal or have the delivery to your place arranged.

There is no risk when buying from – in the very rare instance of a problem related to shipping, you will not be left alone. We love the analogue, we respect our clients, we care. Just ask around.

4. Warranty and money back guarantee

All of the instruments we sell are guaranteed for three months. In practice, however, this period of time is longer and we can’t imagine a situation when a client is left with a (partly) defunct device. Which is why we treat each case individually and usually offer significantly reduced fees if an instrument requires assistance year or more after purchase.

What is more, you are welcome to return the instrument immediately after purchase for full refund if you feel the condition has been misrepresented.

5. Why buy from

a) We are one of Europe’s longest running analogue gear shops. We have satisfied clients in almost every European country because client’s satisfaction and safety is vital for us.

b) In order not to let the words such as ‘satisfaction’ and ‘safety’ sound empty, please let me remind you that we offer three months warranty for all of the instruments we sell and also money back guarantee if the client should feel that the condition of the instrument has been misrepresented. Please note that we never leave our clients alone with a problem and offer all assistance it takes to solve it.

c) We actually like what we do and it’s not that we randomly chose analogue synths over, say, gardening, being a bank clerk or a doctor. I started my interest in analogues when I was 17, over 20 years ago and it’s has been a major part of my life ever since. I have written articles and lectured on analogue synthesis, I’m an active musician and I still like synths. Running (with your help as clients) actually helps me continue do it to the best of my abilities.

d) Aside myself, Maciek Polak, writing these words and running the whole business, there are also two other guys working full time at So when buying from, you are actually helping us earn a living – we run a legitimate business and work hard to keep you satisfied.

6. The Maciej / Maciek puzzle

Q: Are you Maciek or Maciej? You tend use both and I’m confused.

A: ‘Maciek’ is a diminutive for of ‘Maciej’. It’s Robert / Bob or Michael / Mike thing. Formally, I’m Maciej but everybody will call me Maciek. And by the way it’s pronounced something like [mah-tshey] and [mah-tsheck] respectively.

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