The list of quotes below is a small part of the testimonials our clients were kind enough to send us. We are very proud to be a part or a rather small European community of analogue gear techs and dealers. If you did not know us before visiting, when reading through this page you are most likely asking yourself: will I be safe with this company? The answer is simple: yes, you will. I, Maciek Polak, have been running this company for nearly two decades and have built an impeccable feedback worldwide. Why? Because the world of the analogue instrument users is smaller than you might think and information travels at the speed of light, not just speed of sound. It would be impossible to sustain a successful and respected business without going the extra mile and showing your clients you care. Especially when things go wrong. We are always here and we will always assist.


I took a big risk buying a Russian synth from a guy I didn’t know in Poland but that risk really paid off. Maciej is amazing with customer service that is second to none. I’ll certainly be making more purchases in the future.

Graham Stack, Music Producer / Songwriter / Musical Director

I have been buying music equipment from Maciek for a couple of years now and have found him to be professional and trustworthy, so I recommend him thoroughly.

Richard Lawson

I bought a dozen of vintage synthesizers from They have always been extremely well preserved and seamlessly serviced so for them I have nothing but praise. Highly recommended seller and service for your vintage synths!

Boris Đurđević, Colonia

I have purchased numerous Soviet and East German synthesisers and keyboards from Maciek Polak over the past few years, and found him to be pleasant, honest, and very helpful. He has unearthed a number of unusual instruments for me, and has either packaged them extremely well or, when possible, delivered them himself. If you are worried about dealing with someone far, far away in Poland, I am happy to confirm that I took the risk, and have not regretted it.

Gordon Reid, Sound on Sound

Buying vintage instruments from Russia/Eastern Europe via ebay can be a risky business. Aside from the fragility of the instruments there’s the transportation and transfer of money between currencies, and finding good condition examples in working order to begin with. On top of that there are plenty of scammers now operating on ebay. Dealing with Maciek has been the exception to the rule. His technical understanding of instruments is thorough and as player and collector himself he’s also able to offer an informed insight in to each instrument’s subtleties. All of the instruments I have purchased have been in top condition, thoroughly checked before delivery and if required modified to suit. All have reached me in the condition they were described as, and most importantly have performed. I’ve also been able to access instruments that I had no previous knowledge of, those rarities that don’t even get a mention outside of their native countries. Maciek is a pleasure to deal with, and someone I’ve come to trust and value. I highly recommend him.

Mark Ross, Tuna Music and Maciek Polak have my full endorsement as a reliable and interesting source of great vintage equipment – including rare and unusual gear from Russia and other countries. The keyboards I purchased from them were in excellent condition and well packed for shipping all the way to Japan. Maciek has complete integrity, and it’s a real pleasure to deal with him (in English too – no problem). I look forward to buying another analog gem from them again. Recommended!

Morgan Fisher

I wholeheartedly recommend Maciej Polak as a seller of vintage synths. He is very knowledgeable, describes items accurately and thoroughly, communicates reliably and speedily in first-rate English, and packs carefully and safely. An excellent person to deal with in all respects.

Peter Forrest, VEMIA Auctions and Susurreal Publishing (A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers) = awesome. Can’t say enough how good their work and reliability is.

Marc Canham, Nimrod Production

One of the best in the world. puts to life even dead analogs.

Echoplex – composer, label owner –

I bought the Polivoks Lider von Maciek at and am very happy with the excellent and ultra fast communication and smooth transaction. The unit arrived perfectly packed and in excellent shape. Thanks again!

Mex Wieshofer, dr. dub vinyl recording studio,

So far I have bought Korg Polysix deluxe from Analogia and I’m astonished by the synth. Even better as new as it is equipped with midi and has a new »dress«. Maciek has been very helpfull through the purchase process and also serviced Polysix after I returned it because of a small problem that was removed at no cost. I’m looking forward to my next synth purchase so I’ll make a good home for another of those analog monsters. Many thanks to Analogia and keep up the great work.

Jure Duh, Slovenia

I have heard many good things both about Maciek and instruments offered on I have also had a chance to touch a few of them, owned by my friends. This time I have purchased a beautiful Rhodes, the instrument with a sound you could write books about. I will limit myself to write that the instrument, bearing in mind its age, arrived in very good condition and all parts that required servicing have been restored by Maciek to a great effect. We were in constant contact and Maciek was eager to offer his help with technical issues. I can recommend him to all fans of vintage gear. His behaviour could serve as a benchmark for other music shops.

Marcin Cichy, Skalpel, Ninja Tune

I can recommend Maciek as a very reliable contact for getting vintage instruments. We had very good communication during the restoration of a Minimoog and I’m sure it will not be the last instrument I’m getting from Maciek. The work he did is really astonishing and the Minimoog arrived in perfect condition.

Harald van Veghel, Collector / Synth technician, the Netherlands

I can highly recommend the services of The service they provided me was quick, efficient, friendly, and above all else -professional. Maciek is highly enthusiastic and has an impressive knowledge of vintage equipment. Doing business with him was not just easy – but a pleasure. If I once again need to source a rare item of vintage equipment, will likely be my first port of call.

Kevin Billett, Arbiter Group Ltd

After searching for a Korg Polysix in good condition for some time, I finally bought a Deluxe edition from Analogia after reading these references. Throughout the refurbishment process Maciek communicated frequently, sending photos as the Polysix neared completion. As promised it was delivered on time, well packaged and in excellent condition! The Korg Polysix Deluxe looks like new, sounds like new and the new wooden casing is beautiful – a must for any collection!

Not long after the guarantee period had expired the Polysix developed a slight problem, Maciek kindly repaired the synth at no extra cost, thank you! Maciek Polak provides an excellent friendly service, Analogia is a credit to him, I wish him and his company all the best in the future!

Brian Robinson –

I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent state of my Roland space echo. The customer service is one of the best I have experienced so far. Long live!

Cliff Gnacadja

I got my Arp Odyssey Mark II in mint condition at really competitive price, almost two years is gone and my instrument is just playing great. Thank you, !

Dr.Yosh, The Accelerators, Italy is a recommended seller, very smooth and fast contact with Maciek and fair prices. The SemSem is in very good shape – all works perfect. Thanks.

Ive Mueller, MAS 2008, Germany

Excellent customer service. The Polysix was completely reconditioned and recalibrated to a high standard. It now sounds as good and is as reliable as it was in 1981! Maciej [and Mirek ! – M.P.] really knows what he’s doing, is honest and offers a professional service. Far better than buying a faulty synth off ebay for the same price. Looking forward to repeat custom.

Steve Hulme, Neuon

The service I got from was fast, reliable and professional. The Eminent Solina String Ensemble I ordered was delivered well packed and in excellent condition. They respect the instruments they’re dealing with!

Juho Vehmanen, PMMP, My First Band

I was looking for a Polivoks for quite some time. I saw seperate units on ebay, but they were either too expensive or not in the condition i wanted them to be. I also knew that a normal Polivoks isn’t sequenceable from scratch, so if i buyed one, i had to install an interface by myself or an experienced technician had to do this. One day, i was searchin’ for a Polivoks again, i came around and found my beloved synthesizer. Maciek had already installed a CV/Gate interface and also replaced those old din sockets with normal jack in- and outputs. He also checked all electronics. Communication and delivery was very fast and Maciek packed the synthesizer into a ton of bubble wrap. I needed half an hour to unpack this beast!

When i first played the synthesizer everything worked perfectly. I feel like having a unit that works even better than a new Polivoks. I can sequence it and I don’t need to put an adaptor in the audio-signal-path. The best thing of all is, that no holes were drilled into the original case. What a joy!

Dimitrios Andreadis –

I am not exaggerating when I say that this was my easiest purchase. Yesterday I got my RE 501 and i could not believe when i opened the box
(well packed one)… Brilliant machine in a mint condition and super fast shipping – what more can you say… I am sure that I will be checking this page frequently to be updated for my next buy.

Davor, Croatia did a truly fantastic job on my spanking new Polysix Deluxe. It sounds like it’s new, probably looks even better than back then, and has received some very practical additional bells and whistles.  Super friendly and helpful service as well.  I’ll be a returning customer all too soon.

Marius Circus, Norway


________________________RHODES PIANO SERVICING AND RESTORATIONS – REFERENCES________________________

The Rhodes sounds lovely now along with an action that I never knew would be possible, thanks so much Maciek. I shall be sharing what you’ve done for my Rhodes with every other Rhodes user that I know as I’ve never known so much dedication to to go into repairing and servicing this instrument within my 13 years of owning it. Many, many thanks!!

Julian Chown (Joules Productions), London

Maciek is a gift: he recently gave my old Rhodes 88 Mk1 Stage a full service, and it sounds just wonderful. In addition, he’s a delightful person, and great value too. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Jessica Lauren, London UK

Maciej came to my studio here in London to service my ailing Rhodes 88 Mk1. I have to say he was one on the most hard working and friendly people I have ever dealt with. His knowledge of the instrument was amazing and he fixed it up beautifully – replacing missing tines, broken hammers, etc. Now it sounds and plays like it was 1977!

Ben Edwards, benge,

Dear Maciek, I would like to thank you for your outstanding workmanship and total quality which breathed new life into my 1973 MK1 Fender Rhodes. I was a little bit sceptical, and thought that I would only be able to tell the difference in tune – I was completely wrong. My Fender Rhodes is so much better after your loving attention, I can feel the difference in the action and response, the tone is clearer and the difference in the output is noticable. The “dusty” end of the keyboard is so much brighter, and as for the Bass – wow! What a difference. I found you also to be extremely knowledgable and pleasant to talk to. I would highly recommend your services.

Ian Brookes, Fulham

Mr Maciej Polak is the nicest and most professional person I have ever dealt with in the musical instrument business. He knows Rhodes Pianos inside out and knows how to fix any kind of issue you might have. But It’s not just that. He loves his job and puts the maximum effort in doing it, with passion and commitment. I learnt so much just seeing him working, and he’s been generous in sharing his knowledge and passion.

If you are into vintage analogue instruments, please don’t forget this name. It’s by far the best quality you can get in UK or Italy.

Andrea Nuzzo, London, Rome

Of all the people that could service my Rhodes piano I wouldn’t want anyone but Maciek at to do the job, as he is hard working and a very polite person to talk to, he made sense of what was needed doing and made sure the Rhodes was to the standard I was hoping and believe me im a very fussy client!

Sonil, Hinchley Wood, London

Maciek did not come out of the room he was repairing the Rhodes in for 8 hours straight, surviving only on a couple of cups of black coffee! That’s dedication! He took a Rhodes 73 that appears to have spent a good part of its life in a damp garage and brought it up to scratch, fixing an electrical fault along the way. It sounds great! Great value for money and hassle-free service.

Duncan, Angel, London

The Rhodes I’ve had serviced by Maciek were both transformed. The Suitcase Mk1 73 I have was in storage for 15 years or more and was horrible to play / hear. I was very tempted to get rid of the instrument until Maciek had performed some of his miracle cures. The action is now better than on any Rhodes I’ve played / owned, the muddy sound is now bright and clear and the tuning and response are consistent across the keys. It’s not for sale any more. The Satellite system was spectacular, I’ve never heard a Rhodes sound so good as it did through those speakers. If only I had a bigger studio it would still be with me.

My advice to any owners of questionable sounding / performing Rhodes would be to get in touch with Maciek before you think about selling / replacing your instrument. You will be amazed. Why pay silly money for a Mark VII when you can revive an original at a fraction of the cost, and own an instrument that’s guaranteed to hold it’s value.

Mark Ross, Tuna Music, London

Maciek did a really excellent job in bringing my Rhodes Mark II back to life. He gave it a comprehensive clean and service and tuned it to perfection. He was also very happy to point out why things weren’t working, so I got a better understanding of how my keyboard worked. One of the best things was that he was happy to come to my studio outside London, so I didn’t have to move anything, and on top of all this, was was very friendly and spoke great English. In orking out a date, he also kept in touch via email and texts, so it was easy to plan around him. I will definitely use again for other pieces of retro gear which I have hear. Highly recommended!

Nick Grant,

An excellent fast service from a friendly and knowledgable guy, it was quite an education!

Christian Lewcock, Homemade Jam, UK States, London

The service Maciej delivered on my fender rhodes was exceptional, in just a half day it was sounding substantially better than on the day I bought it. Fully tuned, all dead and quiet keys fixed and what I didn’t expect was he made the tone so much crisper than before, it now plays like a brand new piano. Fully recommended!

Dom Keen, The Lodge, London

After owning my Fender Rhodes for 15 years, I thought I knew how to get the best out of it. That is until Maciej came over and worked his magic. It feels and sounds better than when I bought it. Great aftercare too… Thanks

Simon Little, Head Of Sound, JJ Stereo

For many years I wondered whether my 1979 MkI Rhodes was capable of more….. To be quite honest I actually thought it was the wrong vintage or just not up to sounding like those great rhodes sounds you hear, but Maciek understood exactly what kind of sound I wanted, and knew exactly how feasible it would be and then made it happen.

I had tried other well known UK vintage keyboard specialists, and by comparison to Maciek they were merely a repairer shop…. Maciek can repair your Rhodes but he can also make it sound great…. oh and did I say he’s a lot cheaper than those guys too…..I’ll definitely be recommending Maciek to a few friends with similar underachieving Rhodes pianos.

P.S. I just wanted to say that I can’t stop playing the Rhodes now, I really like it…..

Jon Briggs, Nottingham UK