Sold instruments

Our offer covers a broad spectrum of instruments, from guitar effects, through drumboxes, to synthesizers, organs and electric pianos. Below is the gallery of some of the instruments we have laid our hands upon in the past: ex-Billy Cobham's Moog Modular 55, Synthi AKS from 1979 and EMS VCS3 from 2015, the gargantuan and equally beautiful sounding Oberheim Four Voice, the ueber-classic ARP 2600, all kinds of Roland RE echoes, peculiar and unbelievable 'Jetsons' Rhodes Student Piano, rare guitar pedals, a boxed Moog (factory new Rogue), first owner Rhodes Mk I, an impossible to find Soviet RITM-1, perfect Vox Continental, various Minimoogs, the entire Roland Jupiter line, Oberheim OBX, OBXa, OB-8, Xpander and Matrix 12, Elka Synthex, Prophet 5 Rev 2 and Rev 3 or Korg PS-3200.

We take great pride in the fact that we have become one of the most skilled shops when restorations of Soviet Polivokses and Aelitas are concerned and are a long-time collaborators and 'certified installers' of Kiwitechnics and Tubbutec upgrades that will turn your Juno-6, 60, 106, SH-101 or Korg Polysix into a different beast altogether.