A dream come true for 101 performers

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Main features

  • Midi in- and output. Can output key presses, arpeggiator and sequencer.
  • Additional Accent Envelope: Programmable accent for volume and filter with adjustable decay.
  • Additional filter LFO A triangular LFO with the high range of 0.2Hz — 8kHz can modulate the filter
  • Additional ADSR for filter: Completely independent envelope with adjustable parameters, polarity and looping.
  • Improved Sequencer:now has 32 sequences with 120 Steps each
  • Song mode: Sequences can be chained to create a “Song” and programmed live
  • More sequencer and arp modes: Forward, backward, random, ping-pong,..
  • A lot of midi controllable parameters, velocity can be mapped to 9 different targets including accents, filter and 2nd ADSR:
  • Midi filter, pitch bend, arp and s/h-lfo control, optional midi soft through
  • Clock dividers for internal arp clock and trigger including din-sync compatible divider
  • Settings via an internal configuration menu or external midi controller.
  • Extra features accessible using the existing SH-101 controls
  • Comes with sticker overlays and all necessary parts
  • Easy to install in any SH-101 and compatible with analogue mods
  • There is a special microtonal edition: SH-1oh1 µTune

For more information, please visit Tubbutec 1oh1 page at: