A very rare instance at – one of the greatest instruments ever created, the EMS Synthi A is available. It has just received a full (and costly) overhaul at EMS Cornwall by Robin Wood himself. What is more, since I am a heavy EMS user, I have been playing this ‘A’ for the past month and made a lot of music with it and can assure the future owner that it sounds unbelievably good. Sound examples can be provided.

Panel is in surprisingly good condition and the spartanite case is in very good condition, too, aside a small crack.

Personal pickup is welcome (our workshop is conveniently located near Gdansk Airport) as the safest method to ship an EMS Synthi is to fly with it as hand luggage – something I am doing on regular basis. If necessary, I will also gladly provide the owner with a comprehensive, basic EMS Synthi beginner class.


11000 EUR