This beautiful has been thoroughly serviced and is now available.

This is really a great deal at 2200 EUR. Firstly, we have taken it apart and restored: every single slider was desoldered and regenerated, all tantalum capacitors replaced and many more. Secondly, the instrument is in excellent condition with only minor blemishes. What is more, it has a few modifications that were performed at St. Eric’s, Europe’s best ARP specialist and mods designer.

“It was here in December 2008 for a French customer. The mods: 2 x triangle/ sine for the VCOs. Filter upgrade. 3 speed lfo/ar/adsr (slow-normal-fast). Extra lfo for the ppc unit. New bushings”.

Please note that it has just received an additional service here at – definitely not just the the one 10 years ago.


2200 EUR