Below the line please find description of one of our “regular”, Tubbutec equipped Polysixes. This one is different – not only is it equipped with the now-classic ModyPoly, but also HIRES (portamento!) and Polysex (complicated voice detuning / thickening options). It’s worth noticing that the upgrades alone cost (excl. VAT) nearly 400 EUR and that’s not including fitting the Polysex which is a very painstaking (and expensive) process. So we dare to say that at 1850 EUR (excl. VAT), this is an excellent deal.

This is a freshly calibrated Polysix that sounds as good as when it left the factory. We have specialized in Polysixes for many years now and with you can be sure that the synth and sound you are getting is right and like it’s supposed to be. All our Polysixes have had all of the pots and keyboard regenerated, we have fitted full set of tact switches on the panel, performed general cleaning and uploaded full set of factory patches. You have to hear yourself how smooth it can sound in polyphonic mode and how much of a beast it can be in unison.

Furthermore, the P6 is equipped with effects input/output, allowing for independent use of Korg’s onboard analogue effects processor. In other words, you are getting an analogue effects unit for free and you do not even have to use it with Polysix signal – just plug in your external signal to “effects in” and take it from “effects out”. The effects board will become totally independent of the Polysix and you will be able to use the synthesizer (without effects) normally.

As far as the Tubbutec upgrade is concerned, please visit Tubbutec page for details:

But in simple terms, this is an absolutely excellent upgrade that will, of course, give you MIDI IN & OUT but also additional poly modes (3 voice with 2 oscillators per note and 2 voice with 3 oscillators per note), so called “Powerarp” that is a simple but very useful sequencer, S/H (random) LFO mode for filter and an additional, very fast LFO for filter, “Polychord” wchi is chord memory on steroids (each key of the keyboard can store a different chord in this mode) and many more. It’s really brilliant.

One more thing: it’s really stable. Believe us, not all upgrades are.


2275 EUR including 23% VAT (=1850 EUR at 0% VAT).

Please click on the “Contact” tab in the top right corner of the page if you are not sure whether VAT applies to you.